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Baby steps

T is now ten months old and entering that amazing stage when she is beginning to understand words and trying to communicate. It’s also the stage I remember well with L when they piece together what they know in a mish-mash of language, gesture, and random sounds. When L was one, before he really talked, he had a Cantonese-speaking babysitter, from whom he learned that shoes were “hai-hai.” Being obsessed with anything with wheels, he also called the color green “go” and red “stop,” though he pronounced it “bop.” So for a long while in our home his favorite red shoes were called his “bop hai-hai.” We knew exactly what he was talking about, even if no-one else did. Eventually he began to sort out the words and languages into different channels. For now, T responds in whatever way comes easiest for her: When Baba says “再见” she waves and says “Bye-bye!” And when he says, “拍拍手” she enthusiastically claps her hands, just as she does when I say the same in English, or when she hears recorded applause on a CD. It will all come together in time.