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Creative Chinese Character Art

Just came across these beautiful images composed of Chinese characters. Can’t wait to show my Monkey King-obsessed son this one tomorrow:


iPhone App for Teaching Chinese Characters

I haven’t tried this yet but just heard about it from a friend. But for those of you who have iPhones, this looks like a nicely designed app to teach Chinese characters to kids.


Christoph Niemann and his Character Creations

Those of you who are familiar with the wonderful book The Pet Dragon: A Story about Adventure, Friendship, and Chinese Characters, by Christoph Niemann, may enjoy this two-part interview with Niemann about his work. | chinese
In the second part, Niemann tries to create an image out of increasingly complex characters:

Mandarin Immersion Parents Council blog

I just discovered that the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council of the San Francisco public school system keeps a blog, which has a lot of good information and resources for families in immersion programs. Most of the site focuses on the immersion program in San Francisco, which is offered at two public schools. But one post, Mandarin Immersion Frequently Asked Questions, I found useful for anyone with questions about bilingual education and how to best teach your children Chinese. Another post explores the benefits of teaching kids to read Chinese fluently before teaching them characters. They have also posted a list of Mandarin immersion programs in schools throughout the U.S. Immersion programs are getting to be more and more popular: A new Chinese immersion charter school is getting ready to open in Washington DC as well.