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Let It Go, 放开手,随它吧

Since my daughter (like every other kid in the country, it seems) can’t stop singing Let It Go, the theme song from Frozen, I thought I may as well have her learn it in Mandarin too:

But then I noticed that some versions have different lyrics :

(The first one above, the mainland Chinese version, translates “Let It Go” as “放开手” and the second, from Taiwan, as “随它吧.” The full pinyin lyrics for both are here.)

Then a friend posted a classical Chinese version, which is pretty great. My children couldn’t understand the language but it was fun to listen to:

My personal favorite is the version sung in 25 different languages:

And if you want to watch the whole movie in Chinese, you can order it from and a book in Mandarin (in traditional characters) of the movie is available on Amazon.