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Bilingual and Proud

During the Super Bowl, Coca-Cola aired an ad which showed heartwarming images of American families set to the soundtrack of “America the Beautiful,” sung in various languages. When an outspoken and angry group of people took to social media to express their outrage that average Americans could be shown speaking other languages, my friend Stephanie at InCulture Parent responded with the voices of bilingual children, proclaiming their pride in their linguistic abilities and their country. The result is a very powerful video, and I am so thrilled that my son got to be in it to represent Mandarin speakers:

Read Stephanie’s full explanation of her reasons for making the video. And if you don’t read InCulture Parent, a resource for “parents raising little global citizens,” you should. Please spread this video on your social networks, to show the world that most Americans are proud of our multilingual heritage.

In case you missed it, the original Coke ad is here: