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Pleasant Goat to be Disneyfied?

A while ago, I wrote about the phenomenon known as “Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf,” China’s first successful domestically produced animated movie. Now CNN is reporting that Disney may be positioning to buy the franchise,much to the consternation of Chinese viewers:

An article posted on about the rumor proposed two possible reasons behind Disney’s alleged interest in the program: either Disney is threatened by the Chinese cartoon so they want to buy it and hide it, or Disney is trying to Americanize the Chinese kids.

The article outlines how much the cartoon and its franchise have grossed over the past few years, adding, “As Chinese, we are so proud of the cultural value of The Pleasant Goat. How can Disney possibly understand the Chinese culture behind the show?”

Although Disney has become more culturally sensitive in recent times, netizens still refer to the company’s 1998 version of the classic Chinese tale of Mulan as an example of how the company sells out Chinese culture. “[Mulan] even speaks like an American,” says Wo Shi Yu Men Ge, the poster and author of the article. “Although buying “The Pleasant Goat” isn’t a form of economic blockade, it is a form of cultural blockade. If the souls of our kids are invaded by America, what will China have left?”

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