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Baby Books

With T now one year old, we are all constantly tripping over board books left lying around in odd corners of our house. “Book” was one of her first words and she can read several of them, repeatedly, and be completely enthralled for all ten lines of text, before pointing frantically and saying, “Mama book mama book mama book” until it is read again, and again. Even though I am never sure how much she really understands of the text, she definitely has strong preferences and won’t touch some books while others are already getting worn at the edges.

In the three years since L was in the board book phase, I have noticed that an incredible number of popular books are now available in Chinese (or maybe they always were but now I know where to look). I ordered a random selection for her and these are now among our favorites:

Elmer’s Day (English-Chinese) (or others in the Elmer series): This incredibly simple story about a patchwork elephant and his friends has colorful, lively drawings that hold a baby’s attention.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. A classic and the simple, rhythmic narrative translates easily.

Sleepyhead. A night-time story that teaches body parts in a gentle rhyme.