Online Books for Young Readers

I recently discovered a fantastic site, Childroad, that presents online books in Chinese for young readers. Many of them are free, though you have more access and can download MP3 files if you become a member (I haven’t, so I don’t know exactly what the other benefits are). From my quick glance at it, it looks like a great resource.

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  1. Thanks! That looks great for practicing hearing chinese along with reading the characters. I linked to it in Facebook and I’ll try to get around to blogging about it soon. I might wait until my son will actually sit through a chinese book though, before signing up. As he has just started Saturday Chinese classes, I am hopeful… :D

  2. Ining Tracy Chao

    I’m starting to use the Childroad web site. Thanks for sharing. I’d also like to share my blog dedicated to Chinese Children’s stories. These are stories I created together with my 6 years old daughter.
    Hope you’ll enjoy it.

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