Kindergarten in China

A beautifully-conceived documentary film, produced for Link TV, shows the first days at a boarding school in China where children as young as two live Monday through Friday and then return home on weekends. There is no narration except the sounds and voices in the school. With all this talk about Chinese mothers and education and discipline styles (even though Amy Chua’s controversial article had little to do with people in China), this film shows the actual lives for some Chinese children. The school is clearly for the elite in China and some scenes are heartbreaking, such as the little boy who says he is sent to the school because his father is too busy inviting people out to dinner and his mother too busy getting facials. Watch it here.



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  2. How incredibly ironic that they stream things online, and call themselves “Link TV: Television Without Borders” but one can only watch it within the 50 states, ie EXACTLY WITHIN borders.

    So sorry I cannot watch it from Canada. Unlikely anyone elsewhere in the world can watch it either. So much for internet hype. (sorry, I would be more accepting if they were called “Link TV: America’s country-wide tv”)

    Really would have loved to see it, being as my son is in his first yr of preschool and I have been thinking a lot about him being out of the house for 8+ hrs a day.

    Would it be possible to write a short review, summarizing what it shows, what the children’s reactions are, what conclusions or opinions may be drawn from this documentary, for those of us who cannot watch it? thanks so much!

  3. It is a shame, but not ironic, that Link TV can not be seen globally. But they do their best – by streaming many films, including Kindergarten, for free on the Internet globally. Yes, you can see it in Canada on your computer. No need to read about it. Just go to

    Beyond that, however, the main purpose of Link TV, as I understand it, is to bring global perspectives to the US, which is desperately in need of sources of information not filtered through its own corporate and political interests.

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