Feeding the Minds of Little Readers

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Despite the popularity of Mandarin classes in schools around the country these days, finding engaging materials for kids who are learning Chinese can be a challenge anywhere, even here in the Bay Area. But recently a number of new, local resources have cropped up offering a much broader selection of Chinese books for my little ones. In particular, I was interested to see, on the Mandarin Immersion Parents Council website, that a Chinese bookstore (and a local one, no less) is going to offer a Chinese reading club similar to the Scholastic program that has been omnipresent in American schools since I was a kid. Learn more from this PDF.

For those in the East Bay, there will be another opportunity to browse and buy a wide variety of Chinese books, DVDs, games, and other educational materials at the Shu Ren International School Fall Festival and Book Fair on October 30. This is a great chance to stock up on materials for your little ones – and also have some fun while you are at it. There will be a magic show, classical Chinese dance performance, games, a bounce house, and food. The book fair will be co-sponsored with Asianparent.com, another local company that offers a selection of Chinese books and other materials.

And on a recent visit to the bookstore in the Ranch 99 mall in Richmond, I noticed that they have increased their range and selection of children’s books, which is now a great resource as well.

Happy reading!



  1. I’m interested to know if your kids are learning traditional or simplified writing? That’s the problem I have with material, my kids are learning Mandarin, but with traditional characters, which adds a complication!

  2. Hi gweipo,

    I have been MIA from this site for a while, as you can tell, so I only just saw your comment languishing in the backend. Sorry about that. My kids are learning simplified characters. But we buy books with both because my husband reads to them. But it would add another layer of difficulty if they were learning traditional for sure!

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