Speaking in Tongues – Watch it Online

The powerful documentary film, Speaking in Tongues, which follows four children in language immersion classrooms (Chinese and Spanish) in San Francisco, is streaming live through Friday on the PBS website. From PBS:

In a country where most states declare English as the official language, Speaking in Tongues turns the issue on its head and explores how bilingualism can be a national resource. Following four students involved in an educational experiment designed to make them bilingual and biliterate, the film questions rote debates about immigration, assimilation, globalization, and what it means to be American in the 21st century.

You can watch it here (even with Mandarin subtitles). It is also showing on PBS stations around the country, check the schedule.

The filmmakers have also set up an excellent website and a blog about language and immersion education. A number of local organizations are hosting free screenings as well so check the film’s site for ones near you.



  1. What an interesting video. It’s a shame we don’t have such programs in our area.

  2. I am planning on putting together a screening here in my area. I think this will be a great way to introduce parent to the possibilities and benefits of dual immersion public schools.

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