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- “Foreign Languages Fade in Class — Except Chinese” from the New York Times, on the growing popularity of Chinese in American schools amid declining availability of foreign language courses in general. Some notable stats: “Rough calculations based on the government’s survey suggest that perhaps 1,600 American public and private schools are teaching Chinese, up from 300 or so a decade ago” and Chinese is about to surpass German to become the third most popular language for AP courses.

- Benefits of Studying Chinese from the World of Reading Ltd Blog – a handy list for anyone contemplating studying the language.

- Education as a Path to Conformity in the New York Times. Looks at the pressures placed on Chinese students and the lack of creative thinking in Chinese education, by Didi Kirsten Tatlow, whose six-year-old is in a local school in China.


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  1. [...] especially in the U.S. and Mandarin programs in public and private schools are mushrooming, as an article I posted last week demonstrates. The obvious line of reasoning goes that China’s increasing [...]

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