Magic Tree House (神奇树屋)

L has begun to enjoy reading chapter books, and, along with Stuart Little and the Beverly Cleary classics, especially likes the popular Magic Tree House series, about a brother and sister in Pennsylvania who discover a tree house in the woods behind their house which transports them to any number of exotic or historical scenes, from the Age of the Dinosaurs to the ninjas of ancient Japan and even up to the moon. While searching for Christmas gift books for him, I was excited to find the whole series in English/Chinese bilingual editions at ChinaSprout. We were especially happy about this discovery because we’ve had a hard time finding quality books in Chinese for his age, available here, which are more sophisticated than the average picture book but engaging enough to keep his interest. His dad and I now take turns reading the same Magic Tree House (神奇树屋) book in English and Chinese, and he loves it. With over thirty books in the series, this should keep us busy for a while. The whole series in Chinese is available on Amazon as well.



  1. I think these are only in Chinese, not english/chinese bilingual, but they might be interesting to you now or in a couple of years: “Fast Track Classics: White Fang, Wizard of Oz, Black Beauty etc… I haven’t read them, only found them on Amazon after following your Magic Treehouse links.

  2. Thanks, I’ll definitely check these out. I’d love more suggestions on good books for this age, we’re always searching.

  3. Hi, My son loves Magic tree house too, I can only dream of the day he reads the Chinese version. Another great series your son may enjoy is Classic Starts. It details history events in a way that really capture my sons attention. The series is quite large with lots of topics. Arabian Nights, 20,000 Leagues under the sea. Just thought I would mention it.

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