A lesson from Hua Mulan

We’ve never watched the whole movie of Mulan, but L loves watching this short clip on YouTube, which is actually a very sweet scene full of good animated kung fu and Taoist principles. As L says, “Mulan says we have to be gentle AND tough at the same time.” And YouTube has the same clip in English and Mandarin, good for language practice:


Read a Tang Dynasty poem telling the legend of Hua Mulan:

The full poem is in Chinese and English here. And listen to it being read in the flash video here. Wikipedia has more about the history and legend of Mulan.



  1. I loved this because Mulan is one of the Tongginator’s favorite movies, but we’ve never seen Mulan 2. I can’t wait to show her these clips. Thank you.

  2. Tonggu Momma,

    Glad you liked it. I completely missed the fact that this was fron Mulan 2, not Mulan (despite the title of the clip…). Thanks for cluing me in!

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