New animated series to teach Chinese

A friend just sent a link for a new animated series designed to teach kids Chinese. Produced by aha!Chinese, Let’s Go Guang is a series of cartoons about a brother and sister and their dragon friend Guang who teaches them Mandarin phrases. From their own promotional materials:

New phrases are continuously introduced and each episode builds on the words and phrases learned in the episodes preceding it until the end of the series at which point “immersion” is achieved. The target age is for children 2-8 years old, however anyone who wishes to learn Mandarin Chinese will also enjoy the series.

I haven’t yet seen the full videos, but you can watch a sneak preview of the first video here.


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  1. Vera, Mom of 2

    My 3 year old daughter just loves Guang the dragon! Ever since we received the learning kit my daughter has repeatedly asked to watch the DVD and read the together. Now she has me singing all of the songs from the mini lessons. She’s picking up mandarin Chinese and using it too! e.g. my name is…, counting, I would like…. Oh, now I have to figure out how to make dumplings because of the additional live featurette about dumplings.

    What makes aha!Chinese’s Let’s Go Guang! series different is that it’s not just a DVD. Each learning kit comes with a DVD, book, cd (with story) and flashcard (simplified Chinese). All of the products cover the same vocabulary and theme so it’s self reinforcing.

    Our family gives Let’s Go Guang! two thumbs up!

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