Chinese Little Piggy

When I was growing up, my family made up alternative versions of This Little Piggy, depending on where we were traveling and living. A new Chinese version, created by my children’s grandfather, goes like this:

This little piggy read Confucius
This little piggy read Laozi
This little piggy drank doujiang
This little piggy ate baozi
And this little piggy went “Hao a, Hao a, Hao a” all the way home.



  1. Oh, what a cute rhyme!! We speak Cantonese in our home…what is doujiang??

    I just found your blog from Tonggu Momma’s Sunday Linkage…I’ll be sticking around! We’re raising our children bi-lingual (English and Cantonese) and it’s always nice to find another mama trudging this same road.

  2. Hi Aunt Lolo,

    Thanks for your note. Doujiang (豆浆) is soy milk. Glad you like the rhyme!

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